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Amtrak Stations, Philadelphia’s Grand 30th Street Station, The Race Up Philadelphia’s Art Museum Steps

February 2, 2010

Miami To Philadelphia

Re-edited on 2010-10-14 by Hy. It now includes  videos previously posted, and a PS added October 18 2010.

Here’s where the footage will (and now does) begin:  Miami Amtrak Station in Florida, the southern most point on our journey north to New York. Note the yellow structures at the beginning and ending of the North & South bound tracks. Those yellow structures symbolical begin our expedition in the video recently featured on M2NY, attached below the below photo of the Miami AMTRAK station ;

We have attached photos to  hint at what we plan when all is said & done.

The Yemassee Amtrak Station, that Silver Star passes through, in South Carolina.

If one goes to YouTube, there are able train spotters promoting their love of trains, train stations, train whistles and all things train.

Myself, I love train songs, train rides and thereby train videos.  More on train songs,  films and videos later in another posting. We did hint at this earlier.  For now, I mention that train songs own a significant place in the history of music, Americana, folklore, Hollywood films and YouTube videos.  See “Peer To Peer Video” today’s textbook on what is, what is not,  what’s what, and what is and has happened in the music, and television broadcast business. YouTube is a major player today in the television broadcasting business. Hopefully corporate YouTube will not replace who the You in YouTube, that the visionary founders of YouTube  intended YouTube to represent.

Communication, Community,  Co-Operation,  Collaboration, The Four  C s, (“SEEs”) are what M2NY is all about. We use Rivers and Trains as  vehicles to illustrate and explore The Four  Cs  (“SEEs”).

A public disclosure of the majesty of Philadelphia’s  grand 30th Street Station. This image should spark your interest in the interior of this landmark building.

We get  (now got ) off at Philadelphia’s Grand 30th St Station for a day or two to rewind and to visit The  Imaginairium. We needed to re- load, recharge, re- pack and re-energize for the New York City visit, and the trip to The Beyond: Ireland. While in the Philadelphia stop we did  “The Happening”  at The ImaginAIRium’s future home. This  was a gathering of a few friends who watched the 8 x 6 foot projections of  The Caboose Tapes. The Happening is reported on elsewhere in this blog.

We have attached to this post, a video  of Philadelphia’s World Class Art Museum, and its world-famous steps,  as in  the Movie  “Rocky”.   At The Art Museum, a few years earlier, we engineered a race up those steps. The video is a  “Peer To Peer Video” of our tour of the Art Museum’s exterior before we ( my grand-daughter & I ) encountered The Hamilton Ontario Tiger’s Team wanting to  “Rocky” out. See video at the bottom of this blog.

Attached are  photos of the exterior of Philadelphia’s Grand 30th St. Station  and of another AMTRAK world-class, world-famous station, The Pennsylvania Station ( former home of The Pennsylvania Rail Road,  in New York City, N.Y.   Penn Station is/was the final destination of Part One of our documented multi media expedition aboard  …………………….  *The Silver Star*,

PS :  Philadelphia’s 30th Street Station is a World Class Train Station. They do not build them like this anymore. Even when they did, there were few, if any, that had or have the interior MAJESTY that is the mystique of Philadelphia’s Grand Thirtieth Street Station.

HERE is a website that shows most of the train stations in America and the history of each one. By the way we are not train spotters.

HERE is the official Silver Service Route guide for the full journey can be downloaded as a pdf.

HERE is a very simple video shot from an Amtrak train that we really like.

HERE also is an excellent stop motion video that I like the look of for an idea for the trip. Use a few thousand still images to represent the journey? The video above has received almost 2 million views on You Tube.

HERE is the free software we use to record our Skype video calls as a potential prelude to a potential movie. It records both sides of a video call, very simple.

HERE is Amtrak’s specific Guidelines on taking photos and video.

HERE is the Amtrak policy on First Amendment Activity.

Here is the RedKruzer video of the prelude to, and the Race Up The Philadelphia Art Museum Steps, by The Hamilton Ontario Tigers:


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  1. October 31, 2010 11:10 am

    it is quite sad that most train stations these days are horrendously overloaded .

    • November 9, 2010 12:59 am

      Yes Vitamin Water. I believe that Philadelphia’s majestic 30th St Station has bloosomed & is continuing to blossom…

  2. May 10, 2011 7:44 pm

    Thank you for linking to us! ^_^ Nice blog, and thank you for choosing Amtrak.

    We’re going to be done with station write-ups this summer. That’s 529 stories on our site.

    BTW, would be nice to have the photo credit as well as putting our Philadelphia station photo in your blog.

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