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Cruisin America… …Tour 2010… …And a peek back in time and space…

February 5, 2010

The ImaginAIRium
The ImaginAIRium is the space, literally the cloud, between your ears.

It assumes a physical space within The Meeting House Law Building & Gallery.

There it is, centered at the very, very epee center of the X roads of Imagination, Creativity, Art & Theater & Theater & Theater.
Did I mention theater yet?

For example, Imagine yourself walking down the shore road, by the cliffs in Negril, Jamaica. The cliffs are to your right as is Birchrunville West ( Formerly Birchrunville South), to your left, you hear music in a Jamaican storefront. It draws you in. Now you are in the presence of the oldest Rasta In Negril, a long time friend of Bob Marley :Red Salvation aka Red Survival (the tourists can never get his name right all the time). You can now relax, change the vibes….

Here is Red Salvation:

The Meeting House Law Building & Gallery The Great Room – to be The ImiginAIRium:
WIKI on The MHLB & G Housing The ImaginAIRium :

iPC : An iPhone Post Card: Greetings From Rosie & Al: A Gorilla & Owl team:


FORTH: …St. Patrick’s Day 2010:
After debarking the train in New York, we get on a plane at JFK to Ireland.
Arrival in Ireland, should/will be, in the wee early hours, on St. Patricks Day, March 17, 2010.
Perhaps we will be the first, to today, February 8, 2010, wish you & yours:
Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig

The last time i was out of the country for St. Patrick’s Day was over 3 decades ago.
Ben Mayerson & I were staying at Birchrunville South, Negril, JA. We had heard that in other end of West Moreland,
near Sav La Mar, in a Jungle spot, was a large, deep bat cave. Village youth made music in the bat cave by banging
stalagtites with 2 by 4s. Can’t miss that, so Ben & I went. As we got within a half mile of the cave, on a dirt almost road,
two 10 year old boys stopped our car by occupying the road in front of us, asking if they could take us to the cave – where
they would make music for us. Well we were headed there anyway, and the road only led to cave. The boys ran the remaining 1/2 mile with us, beside the car, in bare feet to the cave in Roaring River, W Moreland JA.
There Ben & I descended about 20- 30 feet into the bat cave. There were about 20 Jamaican youths inside the cave. We were directed to take off our
shoes so as not to ruin them by walking in bat gwana. The gwana oozed between our toes a were led deeper into the cave. We could see bats flying in and out of the cave hole opening, now 20- 30 feet above our heads. Were we scared? You betcha.
The magical musical mystery tour was captured in video. That video was divided into 4 parts to upload to You Tube- within the then existing byte limet. The fourth part, the best part the celebration after the exit has never been exhibited publicly. Listen closely & you will be there when I have my first introduction to Cat Eye, a handsome, handsome Buffalo Soldier. Cat I’s perfect pitch voice will rise above the music and the chanting.
In the 3rd part, Cat I sings A-Capella his incredible original song telling us what music really is.
In the second part, we meet Dragon, a revelation of light, pure light.
Part One:
St Patrick ‘s Day 1989:
Deep, deep, deep –
in the green, green, green
Jamaican jungle…:

Part 2:
Introduction to Dragon:

Part 3 :
“Get the Big One…”
“Take in Dis” :

“…handed down to the Hinspired man…

4 Comments leave one →
  1. February 5, 2010 4:52 pm

    Whatcha’ doin’ RedKruzer… your changin’ the vibes man.
    A great character no doubt and another great capture.
    Skype me.

  2. February 5, 2010 11:13 pm

    Let’s try again tomorrow. Whenever suits you.

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