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Encounters along the way…

February 20, 2010

Here is a sample of what to expect in our new section called Encounters. We have dedicated a new page to the people and things we encounter along the way;

Once we Encountered Master Guitarist, Michel O’Brien, after this expedition began, we wondered what the band that he toured with sounded like. Cornered Music Master O’Brien countered with this little bit of charm… Artist that he is, Michael turned to his iPhone, put a song of theirs from his iPhone into his laptop & presto Bango, this happened:

Here is Part one of Reginald Gardiners great little train song

Here is Part two of Reginald Gardiners train song

Click this for a Sound recording of a Great Western Locomotive Engine

Click this for another Recording of a Great Western (even better)

To see more Encounters please visit the special page on the menu bar above or if your too lazy to scroll back up to the top just click HERE.

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