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Train Songs – Train Music

March 6, 2010

Train songs have always been part of my railroad day dreams…

I can’t recall now if John Henry preceded in my young boy youth, Chattanooga Choo Choo.

John Henry

John Henry was a steel driving  man.

He built the track that bore  the trains that carried the people who made the films that contained the  songs – about trains.

Choo Choo Chattanooga there you are…

Chattanooga Choo Choo

I can break out in Chattanooga Choo Choo in a hare’s breath, in a hair sliver  splitter second…

Gary Grant having

dinner in a diner,

with Eva Marie Saint,

nothing could be finer…

probably had their ham n eggs in –  Carilner..

So who played & who sang Chattanooga Choo…

How many bands, how many movies, how many singers??

One of my very favorite CCCs was one I never heard before I started

looking to see what version I liked best.

Then, pow, right into my eyes jumped

a very young,

almost shy 25 or so years old, Bette Midler

who took it away on her first Johnny Carson show.

Long time favorites were/are

Glen Miller,

Tex Beneke,

The Statler Brothers…

The Train They Call The City of New Orleans

Trains were and are a subject of much folk-lore, if anything is Americana, trains are at the top of the list.

Steve Goodman wrote what is my mind, the recent past’s greatest train song. City Of New Orleans.

Arlo Guthrie Made it famous.

Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash, each made it their own song.

Johnny Cash did at least 2 video versions of it;  in one, he is riding the disappearing railroad blues…

Orange Blossom Special

Post Cards Relating to the OBS”

To Be Continued With More Videos.

We have had for sometime Chattanooga Choo Choo  up on this blog.

It my hope, dream, aim & ambition

to populate this particular post, this particular section, this particular grouping

with lots of different versions of the same one my favorite train songs.

Do you have any?

Sing out now, or forever hold in your train song…

Remember the little engine that could…?

I think I can…

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  1. Richard Koos permalink
    March 8, 2010 9:31 pm

    Thanks for the brain exercise. In 1978 I went to New York, saw Imogene Cocoa at the St. James Theatre. She was in a musical called “On the Twentieth Century”. One of the songs ‘Life is like a train” is pretty good and very true. The Twentieth century also was featured in the movie “North by Northwest” Funny how things all seem related at this time. Check out this one also “C’mon N ‘ Ride It (the train) by the Quad City DJ’S. The countdown has started. Ps just finished a two day conference with the Buffalo and Pittsburgh Railroad. WOO OO CHUGA CHUGA!!

    • March 9, 2010 2:28 pm

      Oh Oh kOOs you are sending me on a chace – I.CoCoa :”Life is like a train ride” Good One. You are officially now one of the new wave of train spotters…

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