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SuperHero -Superman

March 8, 2010

As a kid, I loved comics. I used to hang out at the corner drugstore, buy a soda and read their comics. Superman was my first Hero.

He was fighting the Japanese (then called :”The Japs”) in World War II. Later this Max Fleischer film immortalised Superman, long before Batman had a film about Batman.

A competitor came out in the 1940s named Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel could change from the youth, Billie Batson, to The the unbeatable, flying do-it -all, Captain Marvel, by shouting the magic word: “Shazam”.

 Superman’s organization sued Captain Marvel’s organization for patent infringement and won.  See

Captain Marvel’s owners had to turn all rights over to Superman’s people. Superman’s people decided to get rid of Captain Marvel. They staged an epic battle between the two:

I think the comments in YouTube are priceless. The comments to this filmed epic battle, are in my mind, great:

As of :March 7 2010:

“Dlhouicko (1 day ago)  …

If  Captain Marvel has anything over Superman it has to be the wisdom of Soloman.

archandel (1 week ago) …
Just one move of the pen :
Dkpmth00 (1 week ago)
How many cities do they destroy by fighting? And how fast do they rebuild those cities? haha
thor333us (1 week ago) m
Like the jla cartoon, an enemy was running through the sewers instead of chasing him wonder woman caves the street in and he just takes a turn and keeps running.
cha5 @kpmth00
Collateral damage, you can’t make an omelet without breaking a few eggs in a superhero battle, besides the property damage is ususally uninhabited waterfront buildings due for demolition or something like that.
AndorTheAnnihilator Marked as spam
It’s also the middle of the day. How many people did they kill? We all know it only takes the destruction of a few buildings to kill thousands of people.
darkstriker00 I loved this fight as well. Looks like i found yet another reason to watch more of the justice league series……for the 18th time:)
leonlogan (2 weeks ago) Marked as spam

Then he’s not gay

Hy (& Yul Brenner):…etc.etc. & so forth
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