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March 16 -Birchrunville to Philadelphia to New York City To Dublin

March 18, 2010

March 16, 2010:

4:30 AM Elija took us to Philadelphia’s Amtrak 30th Street Station.

Left 30 th St Station @ 7 AM.

Interviewed Teres’a from Rochester out of Philadelphia & most of the way to New York City

Arrived New York City 8:30 AM

Pennsylvania Station NYC:

On Platform with helpful Amtrak Police, Officers Housman & Molloy.

NYC is super sensitive about photographing & videoing.

Sean & Hy photographed the stream coming out of PA Station.

Met & interviewed the brothers from Ghana, after the first was so kind as to give us clear directions to B & H.

Went to B & H camera to get a cord i did not lose, though I thought I did.

Did my Vayomer Scimoal el halam lecho vena la cho ha gigal…etc for the 2 who passed by…

Sean went to 34th & &th to shoot his cover for Moby- Wait For Me

I shot a little video from inside Starbucks, mainly to show that i was here watching the equipment while Sean

was performing his art on the street.

Meanwhile earlier in the morning:

Videos from Philadelphia to NYC.

International Mall would not allow us to photo or video.

Sean shot  100s of photos outside of the people flowing like ants out of Pennsylvania Station.

Hy shot video of same with several uses of escalator in & out, conveying people, many people,

seemingly  effortlessly, using escalator as a dolly.

Visited B & H camera store for a thought missing cable, not. Got a How To Get There plus an interview with brothers from Ghana welcoming us all there…

Returned to Starbucks, 34th Street shy of 7th Avenue (see video), where we set up shop for the duration.

Captured a long interview with our New York City Moroccan cab driver.

At JFK, we interviewed Miro’s sculpture and comforted it with song;

Shawn took over 3000 images in rhythm with the pulsating passing parade from his half of the pole:

“The Passing Parade”

An early concept we had for this expedition was based on the title

of a film series shown in all movie theaters in the US during the 1940’s and the 1950’s: “The Passing Parade”.

New York City in sum:

Over 3000 photos, Interviews with New Yorkers from Gwana, Morroco… Videos galore…

Had help at the Aer Lingus Computer checkin from a handsome young articulate Haitian.

Allie of Aer Lingus sung Dannie Boy for our camera 7 said Hello to Aer Lingus Students/interns who she tought the Hows 7 Whys to:

Aer Lingus Flight left NYC/JFK at 6 45 PM , EDST

New York City to Dublin:

Shot video of long sunset, which by flying into, extended, headed North to New Foundland  from Long Island then East to Ireland.

Touched down in Dublin on 2 different days March 16 at 11:50 PM EDT; & at 4:50 AM GMT…

It will take us some time to change format from the High Definition files to files we can edit with or to.We are anxious to accomplish this.

BUT it will be a while before we able to post the best videos and the thousands of  photos we captured on this odyssey.

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  1. Linda permalink
    March 18, 2010 5:08 pm

    What an amazing week you two have had! So glad you shared it!

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