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The making of Wait for me, Moby Video.

April 2, 2010

I’m at home in Ireland listening to Play, Moby’s 1999 classic album while Jason Joseph and Hy Mayerson are busy in Sky Farm Studio, 3000 miles away putting the finishing touches to our video for Moby’s song Wait for me. It’s for a competition to be chosen as the official video for the title track of Moby’s new album due out I think on the first of June. It been an uncomfortable obsession for me, day and night for the last week, but today the final images reached America via a 36 hour non stop file transfer. Watching Kilobytes glide by so slowly is disconcerting. Next to my bed in the middle of the night it doesn’t help me sleep, my dreams are computerised with dissolving people walking around me. Like being lonely in a crowd, lost in a sea of people, nameless people, continuous, looped, only the moving shadow of the sun giving a sense of reality.

1480 photographs taken in 34 minutes 11 seconds in New York on the 16th of March, 2010 from my half of a cast iron lamp-post on the junction of 34th street and 7th Avenue. Looking south as the evening sun casts a shadow across my cameras fixed view. Keeping in tight, holding onto my tripod on the edge of the sidewalk and trying to make myself small and not be in anyone way. Trying to be invisible. That isn’t very difficult in New York. On the other half of the post an Asian man sells newspapers but he is eventually more amused by my antics, taking pictures constantly, trying to keep a rhythm, left-right-left-right, one-two-one-two, swinging my right hand to the pace in my head holding the shutter cord and trying to capture the rhythm of peoples feet as they pour across the road.

Trying to concentrate, not to be distracted, I turn away from my captive audience and continue shooting. A man is photographing me from about 10 feet away, or maybe he’s making a video, but I do think it’s me he’s shooting not the New York skyline. I feel I’m not so invisible after all, in fact I feel like an attraction, an amusement, like a performance artist. I look at my watch, I stop, pick up my stuff and run across 34th street to our Starbucks office where Hy is holding court and charging equipment and minding bags and shooting out the window. We leave and Joseph a Moroccan Taxi driver brings us to JFK Airport.

This video will be our first real presentation of the Miami to New York footage. Wait for me has haunting lyrics with a piano riff that sounds like the pitter patter of peoples feet or rain on glass. The track is 4 minutes 12 seconds so the 1480 still images will literally flash by in front of you. Although the sun is shining there is no colour. The people are almost silhouetted with the sun behind them and they cast dramatic shadows. Stay tuned to see the finished video.

Sean Corcoran, April 2nd 2010

Below is a video clip I shot of the process in action;

And now today, the 5th of April our video has been uploaded to the competition website,   We’re delighted with how it looks and we’re quietly optimistic about our chances.
In the meantime below is a low resolution You Tube version of it.

Like what we did? We need your VOTE!

Please come to the competition site HERE and simply click the vote button under the video to give us your approval.

Voting closes: Monday Apr 12, 11.59pm GMT.

6 Finalists announced: Apr 13. Winner announced: Apr 19
Judging Panel; Moby and

Thank You. Sean and Hy.

Post Script:

Wait, there is more to the making of Sean’s Wait For Me (11,000 YouTube hits in 3 months) video. I read this wonderful blog on Starbucks, where I watched a young couple (see video) agonize where they were going to locate in NYC via Craig’s list, instant messaging, cel phones etc…while I made my Starbuck’s video waiting paces away from Sean’s making his Wait for me. So here is one of my Starbuck’s videos shot that day, March 16, 2009:

See the Starbuck story at:

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  1. April 3, 2010 12:07 am

    That description made it come alive again.
    We are plugging away on the video.

  2. Richard Koos permalink
    April 5, 2010 4:14 pm

    Just saw the you tube. Impressed ,especially liked the screaming face,really caught my attention.


  1. MOBY : Wait For Me « Miami to New York

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