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No Joy this time

April 13, 2010

Yes we’re disappointed we weren’t shortlisted but we are proud of what we have accomplished. Thank you for viewing and voting for our Moby Wait for me video. We’re delighted with the reaction, positive comments and support we have received. We had over 230 views and 78 direct votes on the competition site.

We were completely stunned with the amazing response we got from our YouTube version with over 5700 views in one week! We also have received an honor from YouTube for the amount of views in one week, it says #29-Most Viewed-This Week- Film & Animation – Czech Republic. I imagine this means that we were ranked in 29th place in the category of Film and Animation in the Czech Republic. We love you Czech Republic! At one stage we were getting over 60 views per hour. Hy or I have never experienced this kind of viral takeoff before.

Unfortunately we have not been selected to the final six of the competition. The quality of entries in all honesty has been superb with many different interpretations of the same song. It’s been an education to be part of this creative mindset, over 500 entries all together I believe. The selected entries are as follows;

The 4 finalists chosen by Moby and are:
Video 1794 – Martin Winther (Denmark)
Video 3874 – Anthony H (United States)
Video 4370 – Petr Tomaides (Czech Rebublic)
Video 8258 – Maik Hempel (Australia)

The 2 finalists based on votes are:
Video 4786 – Sergey and Alexandr (Belarus)
Video 4562 – Nimrod Shapira (Israel)

Congratulations to all concerned and best of luck. A big thanks also to all the guys at who have been great encouragement and very helpful with any queries we had along the way. We’ll be back!

Sean Corcoran and Hy Mayerson, April 13th 2010

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