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More Encounters Along The Way – The Happening March 14 2010

May 4, 2010

On March 13, MiamiToNewYork arrived at 30th St. Station Philadelphia. It was a planned stop to  regroup,   reload, recharge,   re-organize and   review What Happened so far.

A Happening took  place in the Meeting House Spring City PA. at precisly 8 PM March 14, 2010. This was in preparation to get back on board AMTRAK on March 16 to arrive at the mass exiting at 34 & 7th, and the mass street  crossing at The Pennsylvania Station ( “You Leave The Pa Station ‘bought quarter to four, read a magazine, then you’re in Baltimore, dinner in a diner, nothing could be finer, than  to  have   your  Ham n Eggs,  in North Caroliner…”) at 8:30 AM March 16, 2010…in order to film the “Wait For Me” video that has since gone viral on You-Tube (7000 hits in one month). From there, the Beyond portion of Miami To New York…and Beyond started with an Air Lingus  flight to Ireland. We landed at 11: 50 P M  on March 16 2010,  NY-Phila time;  and 4:50 AM March 17, St Patrick’s Daytime  in Dublin and 2 hours drive away :Waterford, home of Artist Sean Corcoran. Sean promised me I could be in The Waterford St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We’ll have to see about that.

At The Happening, M2NY previewed the 5 hours of video of AMTRAK’s SILVER STAR Cruising past America,  that AMTRAK was kind enough,  & perceptive enough, to allow us film from the rear window of the caboose (last car) of the train.

This was shown in The Meeting House on a 12 foot square projection screen. Mike Giorgio (of White Collar fame) was our hero. Mike’s technical  & mechanical expertise permitted Mike to make it look easy to  set up the 12 foot square monster stand alone screen, connect & re-organize the computers to accomplish The Preview. Mary DiGuiseppe graced the event with her poise, charm & beauty. Check her out in the photos. Elijah Anderson brought the digital camera & preserved the event.

Isn't Mary Beautiful?

Isn't Mary Beautiful?

What Mike Enabled.

Elijah handed the camera to someone...

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