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February 2 2010 – Flight Film -South West: Philadelphia to Tampa

June 2, 2010

My Cousin Joanne by James Damiano

(see photos & commentary below video)

James does this better than Bob Dylan could do it. James wrote it, Bob did not. Like some other tunes we would think about.

1317 photos were taken and used for  My Cousin Joanne. More were taken after disembarking the tram, but not used.

The tram entrée to the ImiginAIRium was videoed again filmed on my i Phone on the final trip to Tampa prior to M2NY’s  March 12 exit from Miami AMTRAK. It was then edited on the i Phone 5 minutes later & shortly thereafter uploaded to YouTube.

See the post herein:

“On route to the ImaginAIRium”

February 2nd was a foggy day during the entire cruise of East America.

But it taught me well.

Some photos from the My Cousin Joanne video.

This photo numbered DSCO8638 was taken at 12:31 PM.

The first photo,numbered DSCO8127 was taken at 9:55 AM.

We landed at Photo numbered DSCO9154 9 you can see the camara bounce) 12:40PM

So with A google map, maybe we can tell where we are in photo 8638 ???

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