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Michael Cole – The Interview leading to the Jimmy Cliff cover of the emotion of this video.

June 10, 2010

Michael was the most poignant interview of the expedition. We had originally added it to our post of our new video cover of Michael Cole and  Jimmy Cliff’s incredible Many Rivers To Cross.  But on replay this morning, both video’s stopped & started repeatedly. This did not happen before, and we assume that 2 videos on one post overwhelms the programs ability to refresh.  We are now posting them separately on 2 pages in 2 posts.

Here is Michael’s interview:

Michael Cole.

On his big brother; Reading High to accounting major at Temple University and hopeful free safety walk-on at Temple , 4.4 in the 40, on Superman and music.

Here is the post of our Michael Cole video cover of Jimmy Cliff’s incredible Many Rivers To Cross :

Michael was still hurting from his & their families loss,  I felt I had to talk more than I should have until I found subjects that Michael was then comfortable talking about. They turned out to be his Superman tatoo, and rap music. I then gave Michael my i Phone to see and hear Ju-Ju’s rap posted elsewhere on this blog.   We both liked Ju-Ju’s rap.             See

Jimmy Cliff

I saw Jimmy Cliff last night at the House Of Blues in the Showboat Casino in Atlantic City.

It was the best concert I have ever seen.

More on Jimmy Cliff to follow.


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