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Beyond The Beyond: Musings on the Musical Legacy of Joseph Salviuolo

June 26, 2010

” ‘I could drink a case of you’ my friend. And today I will.”    IC

Sad News.

A Giant has left the Stage.

Joseph Salviulo, Thursday: June 24 2010

Joseph Salviulo, Joe Sal, Sal Josephs passed away peacefully in his sleep, Thursday.

Thursday is also a million seller song that Joe wrote. Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen recorded it.

Below are each of their performances of Thursday.

Joey wrote Thursday on a Thursday about a tragic Thursday in his life.

Jim & Maury died on Thursday, Sept 20, 1973.

Joe was and is  A J Croce’s Godfather.

Here are a few videos:

Joey doing his Thursday, in 1973 at The Meeting House :

and here are Jim & Maury doing their cover of Joey’s song:

to be added … (see :

in the meantime, here are Jim & Maury saying Hello:


In Birchrunville, Melvin Goldfield was building his Dome, based on a license from Buckminster Fuller.

Here are two 1978-ish videos of Joe & Ted The Fiddler playing at the small dome, the prototype for the large dome:


Perrier and Peaches at The Meeting House, Spring City PA:

It’s something

When something inside you,

Can’t see that something outside of you is real

Joe loved improvising on the Piano:

Ron Gletherow produced a CD for Joe. It contained two piano improvisations by Joe. The Second improvisation is contained in the video cover below: Anhinga Flyaway. Ron’s internet pages for Joe are: and

From Wiki Maury Muehlesien, re Jim & Maury’s last show Thursday Sept 20 1973:

“Delivered at Northwest Louisiana State’s Prather Hall, and with their typical crisp show behind them (opened by Maury’s engine-revving introduction to “Rapid Roy”; Croce’s usual popular between-song banter; and a closing song of “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown,” Croce’s #1 hit), the group was joined by the opening-act comedian and headed to the same local airport they had arrived at earlier that day for a flight to the following day’s concert venue in Sherman, Texas. An interesting fact from the last concert’s set list is that Croce and Muehleisen played the song “Thursday,” written by the very individual who had originally introduced them to each other, Joe Salviuolo. Joe had met Muehleisen while Joe was a teacher at Glassboro State College and writing/performing under the name Sal Joseph, and included on the album, “I Got a Name.” Croce also introduced the song “I Got a Name” that evening by mentioning that it had been written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox for the movie “The Last American Hero,” …”

And from the WIKI on Jim Croce:


In 1970, Croce met the classically trained pianist/guitarist, singer-songwriter Maury Muehleisen from Trenton, New Jersey through Joe Salviuolo (aka Sal Joseph). Salviuolo had been friends with Croce when they attended Villanova University together, and Salviuolo later discovered Maury when he was teaching at Glassboro State College in New Jersey. Salviuolo brought the Croce and Muehleisen duo together at the production office of Tommy West and Terry Cashman in New York City. Initially, Croce backed Muehleisen on guitar at his gigs. But in time, their roles reversed, with Muehleisen adding lead guitar to Croce’s down-to-earth music.”

Two of Joe’s best & longest time friends are Jim Croce and Ingrid Croce Rocks. Joe was truly “A Child Of Midnight” He recently told me how he spent a good part of his last  years staying up all night into morning.  When I asked why, Joe told me sincerely ( and accurately):  ” Because the television is so much better at late night and early morning.”  Recall this is from a man who may have the only double Master Degrees from the University of Pennsylvania  in Communications and Folklore.

So Joe, since the title fits, here are two of your very best friends singing:

“Child Of Mid Night.”, penned by Ingrid & Jim:

Here is a video by A J Croce,  Joe’ s Godson:

Terry Fisher was a close friend and musical companion of Joe, Maury & Jim. Here are 2 of Terry’s videos:

Big Dipper – A Song About The Philadelphia Folk Festival

Sail Away:

Terry Cashman, Tommy West and Gene Pistilli were classmates & musical companions of Joe’s. Here is one of their songs:

Maury was and is Joe’s protegé  : Here is Maggie’s Guitar, long time friends & musical companions of Joe doing a Maury song:

Two of Joe’s closest and best (in every sense of the word)friends are Maggie and Ron Gletherow of Maggie’s guitar. Here is Ron:

Jason and I visited Joe in Aust 2008, please listen to this all the way through. Joe’s brilliance shines on brightly:

Regina Salviuolo Leduc

Joe was cared for, loved and attended to in the last part of his time here by his amazing niece, Gigi.

It is my honor to have spoken to Gigi repeatedly recently.

So, back to the beginning:

In the beginning, Sean & I were only going to do a video based on our intended multi media expedition, a 1500 mile train ride aboard The Silver Star as it cruised America, Miami To New York.

Then we decided to continue to Ireland, Dublin, Waterford and Beyond to the very east coasts of Ireland:  Doolin & The Aron Islands.  The adventure then was renamed to include the Ireland expedition as “New York To Miami …And Beyond”.  But then arrived the time after  Sean and I parted in Ireland, Sean remaining in Ireland and I returned to America.

That and This then became:  “Beyond The Beyond.”

Sal, Jim and Maury  epitomize  Beyond The Beyond.

Time Reveries:Sal Joseph and Friends

Time Reverie 1 :  Not presently available.

Time Reverie 2 : Time Slips Through My Fingers – Rich Fagan

Time Reverie 3 : A J Croce – Bury Me Standing

Time Reverie 4 : Joseph Salviuolo – Anhinga Fly Away

This is the last of the Time Reverie series:

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  1. June 28, 2010 11:59 pm

    It is sad to hear of Joseph’s passing, god bless.


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