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Beyond The Beyond 3: Maggie’s Guitar – At The Joseph Salviuolo Musical Legacy

July 5, 2010

Joe was celebrated royally Saturday & Sunday by friends & musical companions.

The Hi Def videos await to be edited, but here is a tiny teaser from an i Phone :

Saturday, July 3  2010 :
Musicians and friends celebrated the musical legacy of Joseph Salviuolo, MS -Folk Lore, MS Communications, both from the University of PA, musician, song writter, pianist, guitarist, raconteur, wit, friend , life time lover…

The first concert , “Concert For, With & About Joseph Salviuolo “, was Saturday, mid-day  at the Southbridge Art Center.

Saturday Eve  Bob Adamski and  Mike Bailey, Margaret Caferelli Gletherow and  Ron Gletherow of Maggie’s Guitar played through the night at the Sturbridge Host.

“Thursday”  is Beyond The Beyond 2.

“Maggie’s Guitar – At The Joseph Salviuolo Musical Legacy”  is Beyond The Beyond 3 .

See also : Beyond The Beyond: Musings on the Musical Legacy of Joseph Salviuolo @

and the 2 video covers of Thursday at

and at

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  1. Audrey permalink
    July 5, 2010 11:58 am

    I agree, that was beautiful !

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