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Joe’s Legacy: A Tribute by Mike Bailey

July 13, 2010

Mike Bailey is a member of “Maggie’s Guitar” as well as the Shoreline Acoustic Music Society. His first album, Point, was released in 2002. Below, Mike sings a self-penned song titled “Everest,” based on the novel Into Thin Air by Jon Krakauer. Bob Adamski , to the viewers left turned in some pretty noodling…

Birchrunville News Flash

July 11, 2010

Right from the very heart of Birchrunville…




Kim, Tell us more…please?

If  you click through on You-Tube to the comments, you can see excerpts of past July 4 19421 adventures…

Beyond The Beyond : Leroy Brown -Joe Salviuolo- Bill Reid- JimCroce-Maury Muehleisen

July 9, 2010

Joe & Bill –

Will The Circle Be Unbroken?

March 1980 at The Meeting House

Joe met Jim when they both students at Villanova University. They were both quite active in the Villanova University music serendipity.  I believe Jim met Ingrid at this time.  Joe & Jim met Terry Cashman,  Tommie West, and Gene Pistilli at this time.  Jim eventually recorded one of Gene’s songs, Rosie, a song about New York City, 42nd street (see also within : Moby: Wait For Me -43rd Street),  hookers etc…”Rosie had religion, she got it on the farm, now she’s in New York City, shoots it in the arm…” So far, this remains unreleased.

Cashman, West & Pistilli  became recording artists in New York City ( “Sunday Will Never Be The Same”, etc…starting these friends’ covering of the days of the week  in song, per Terry Shore Fisher. Terrie was Joe, Maury & Jim’s musical companion & songwriter of great merit. See ). Joe went on to Pennsylvania University where he received, per Joe,  the only double Master degrees that that University had thus far given in  Communications & Folklore. While at Penn, Joe met Henri Glassi who was later to chair Penn’s Folklore Department, etc. Joe then started teaching at Glassboro University, where he met and mentored Maury  Muehleisen.  They did a student teacher concert while each was there. Maggie & Ron Gletherow made CDs of that concert for Joe and were kind enough to give me one. Joe introduced Maury to Cashman,West & Pistelli, now associated with Capitol Records . Maury got a record ( then 33 1/3 RPM vinyl) deal with Capitol. Joe got Henri Glassi to illustrate the album, “Gingerbreadd”, write the linials…

“Gingerbreadd” remains artistically and musically one of the more beautiful albums ever. The studio musicians on it are now legends in their own right.

The vinyl is a collector’s item, but is available in CD format. Maury met Jim via Joe at Cashman & West at Capitol in New York City. Joe helped produce Jim’s first album Facets, funded by Jim’s Dad.

Ingrid & Jim became one of the finest singer songwriting teams ever.

Ingrid had great input into all of Jim’s songs. See and or . They produced Jim’s second album, “Croce”, since re-released as Jim & Ingrid Croce.  See the Croce site, .

Maury & Jim started playing together, and toured together in support of Maury’s : “Gingerbredd”.

Jim’s first big album came out…history

Leroy Brown – Jim Croce – Maury Muelheisen –

Bill Reid: Long Gone Lonesome Blues

Joseph Salviuolo, Bill Reid : Eric Anderson’s Thirsty Boots

Bill Reid – Salty Dog

Sorry bout the premature ending. Will fix promptly.

Bill was a close lifetime friend of Jim Croce’s. They met when Jim was fresh out of high school. Both graduated from Upper Darby High, Bill 4 years earlier than Jim.

Jim had a summer job in the maintenance department of a hospital in Delaware County PA. Bill was a foreman of a construction crew laying sewer lines for the hospital. As such Bill operated the larger Caterpillar Bulldozers, end loaders etc.
Bill was an amazing banjo & guitar player & would bring his banjo into the hospital lunchroom to attract “the pretty young things.”
Jim looked up to Bill and with each of their musical talents, humor and love for the good life, they quickly became lifetime close friends and musical companions.

Bill had the diamond ring on his pinkie, that I believe was the inspiration for Jim’s line in Leroy Brown. If you knew Bill back in his Harleys, Triumphs, dynamiting, Pagen Gang Leader Friends, womanizing days, you would understand why all the ladies called him “tree top lover”  & all the men just called him “sir”. (less info)

P. S.      A.J.

There is nothing to say about A.J. better than “listen” :

Ron Gletherow’s page on “The Master”

July 5, 2010


The above web page is below presented in a slideshow fashion:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A Magnificent Edit by Northsorrow via Emadi

July 5, 2010

Me thinks Northsorrow put together the sound bites that Ron offered on his page.

Then Northsorrow edited them together took astill from Joe’s Thursday video and uploaded to You Tube.

As an aside, I like VioletParme’s video cover  of Thursday better than my video cover of Thursday. Violetparme understands the man & his music. Evidently so do Northsorrow and E madi.

Beyond The Beyond 3: Maggie’s Guitar – At The Joseph Salviuolo Musical Legacy

July 5, 2010

Joe was celebrated royally Saturday & Sunday by friends & musical companions.

The Hi Def videos await to be edited, but here is a tiny teaser from an i Phone :

Saturday, July 3  2010 :
Musicians and friends celebrated the musical legacy of Joseph Salviuolo, MS -Folk Lore, MS Communications, both from the University of PA, musician, song writter, pianist, guitarist, raconteur, wit, friend , life time lover…

The first concert , “Concert For, With & About Joseph Salviuolo “, was Saturday, mid-day  at the Southbridge Art Center.

Saturday Eve  Bob Adamski and  Mike Bailey, Margaret Caferelli Gletherow and  Ron Gletherow of Maggie’s Guitar played through the night at the Sturbridge Host.

“Thursday”  is Beyond The Beyond 2.

“Maggie’s Guitar – At The Joseph Salviuolo Musical Legacy”  is Beyond The Beyond 3 .

See also : Beyond The Beyond: Musings on the Musical Legacy of Joseph Salviuolo @

and the 2 video covers of Thursday at

and at


July 2, 2010

Joe joins his friends in the sky, making one helluva band .

If you need flash to view the above, here is the You Tube version, no flash needed, but lesser resolution.

A new cover of Thursday

July 2, 2010

A beautiful, sensitive, caring video cover of Joseph Salviuolo’s song and performance of Thursday, by You Tube’s Violetparme:

Ted The Fiddler on the fiddle…

We hope to have Jason   Joseph ‘s & my video cover of Jim Croce and Maury Muehlesien’s cover of Thursday, live, today Friday.

In the meantime, please see:

which is a tribute to Joe and his musical heritage – his music and growing inventory of his friend’s and student’s music.

Beyond The Beyond: Musings on the Musical Legacy of Joseph Salviuolo

June 26, 2010

” ‘I could drink a case of you’ my friend. And today I will.”    IC

Sad News.

A Giant has left the Stage.

Joseph Salviulo, Thursday: June 24 2010

Joseph Salviulo, Joe Sal, Sal Josephs passed away peacefully in his sleep, Thursday.

Thursday is also a million seller song that Joe wrote. Jim Croce and Maury Muehleisen recorded it.

Below are each of their performances of Thursday.

Joey wrote Thursday on a Thursday about a tragic Thursday in his life.

Jim & Maury died on Thursday, Sept 20, 1973.

Joe was and is  A J Croce’s Godfather.

Here are a few videos:

Joey doing his Thursday, in 1973 at The Meeting House :

and here are Jim & Maury doing their cover of Joey’s song:

to be added … (see :

in the meantime, here are Jim & Maury saying Hello:


In Birchrunville, Melvin Goldfield was building his Dome, based on a license from Buckminster Fuller.

Here are two 1978-ish videos of Joe & Ted The Fiddler playing at the small dome, the prototype for the large dome:


Perrier and Peaches at The Meeting House, Spring City PA:

It’s something

When something inside you,

Can’t see that something outside of you is real

Joe loved improvising on the Piano:

Ron Gletherow produced a CD for Joe. It contained two piano improvisations by Joe. The Second improvisation is contained in the video cover below: Anhinga Flyaway. Ron’s internet pages for Joe are: and

From Wiki Maury Muehlesien, re Jim & Maury’s last show Thursday Sept 20 1973:

“Delivered at Northwest Louisiana State’s Prather Hall, and with their typical crisp show behind them (opened by Maury’s engine-revving introduction to “Rapid Roy”; Croce’s usual popular between-song banter; and a closing song of “Bad, Bad, Leroy Brown,” Croce’s #1 hit), the group was joined by the opening-act comedian and headed to the same local airport they had arrived at earlier that day for a flight to the following day’s concert venue in Sherman, Texas. An interesting fact from the last concert’s set list is that Croce and Muehleisen played the song “Thursday,” written by the very individual who had originally introduced them to each other, Joe Salviuolo. Joe had met Muehleisen while Joe was a teacher at Glassboro State College and writing/performing under the name Sal Joseph, and included on the album, “I Got a Name.” Croce also introduced the song “I Got a Name” that evening by mentioning that it had been written by Norman Gimbel and Charles Fox for the movie “The Last American Hero,” …”

And from the WIKI on Jim Croce:


In 1970, Croce met the classically trained pianist/guitarist, singer-songwriter Maury Muehleisen from Trenton, New Jersey through Joe Salviuolo (aka Sal Joseph). Salviuolo had been friends with Croce when they attended Villanova University together, and Salviuolo later discovered Maury when he was teaching at Glassboro State College in New Jersey. Salviuolo brought the Croce and Muehleisen duo together at the production office of Tommy West and Terry Cashman in New York City. Initially, Croce backed Muehleisen on guitar at his gigs. But in time, their roles reversed, with Muehleisen adding lead guitar to Croce’s down-to-earth music.”

Two of Joe’s best & longest time friends are Jim Croce and Ingrid Croce Rocks. Joe was truly “A Child Of Midnight” He recently told me how he spent a good part of his last  years staying up all night into morning.  When I asked why, Joe told me sincerely ( and accurately):  ” Because the television is so much better at late night and early morning.”  Recall this is from a man who may have the only double Master Degrees from the University of Pennsylvania  in Communications and Folklore.

So Joe, since the title fits, here are two of your very best friends singing:

“Child Of Mid Night.”, penned by Ingrid & Jim:

Here is a video by A J Croce,  Joe’ s Godson:

Terry Fisher was a close friend and musical companion of Joe, Maury & Jim. Here are 2 of Terry’s videos:

Big Dipper – A Song About The Philadelphia Folk Festival

Sail Away:

Terry Cashman, Tommy West and Gene Pistilli were classmates & musical companions of Joe’s. Here is one of their songs:

Maury was and is Joe’s protegé  : Here is Maggie’s Guitar, long time friends & musical companions of Joe doing a Maury song:

Two of Joe’s closest and best (in every sense of the word)friends are Maggie and Ron Gletherow of Maggie’s guitar. Here is Ron:

Jason and I visited Joe in Aust 2008, please listen to this all the way through. Joe’s brilliance shines on brightly:

Regina Salviuolo Leduc

Joe was cared for, loved and attended to in the last part of his time here by his amazing niece, Gigi.

It is my honor to have spoken to Gigi repeatedly recently.

So, back to the beginning:

In the beginning, Sean & I were only going to do a video based on our intended multi media expedition, a 1500 mile train ride aboard The Silver Star as it cruised America, Miami To New York.

Then we decided to continue to Ireland, Dublin, Waterford and Beyond to the very east coasts of Ireland:  Doolin & The Aron Islands.  The adventure then was renamed to include the Ireland expedition as “New York To Miami …And Beyond”.  But then arrived the time after  Sean and I parted in Ireland, Sean remaining in Ireland and I returned to America.

That and This then became:  “Beyond The Beyond.”

Sal, Jim and Maury  epitomize  Beyond The Beyond.

Time Reveries:Sal Joseph and Friends

Time Reverie 1 :  Not presently available.

Time Reverie 2 : Time Slips Through My Fingers – Rich Fagan

Time Reverie 3 : A J Croce – Bury Me Standing

Time Reverie 4 : Joseph Salviuolo – Anhinga Fly Away

This is the last of the Time Reverie series:

Jim Croce – New York’s Not My Home

June 12, 2010

We arrived In New York City on March 16, 2010, 1500 miles after leaving Miami on March 12 at High Noon. We left Pennsylvania Station escalator to 34th Street about 8:45 AM to a cacophony of sounds,  sights and people. It was The Cacophony Society.

How we felt on entering New York City.

No one tells a story, musically,  better than Jim Croce, so we asked Jim to tell that story:

I can not help myself, please have a great time  go to:

and hang out there for a while…

They have Croce Tee shirts , downloads and worlds of information on this Giant

of my time and legend for the ages.

I wore my Croce’s tee-shirt in the bar in Doolin Ireland the one night we were there.

They loved it. Many people told me they were going to buy it.


PS …More New York City  and Pennsylvania Station trivia:

This was shot a few hours ( note the shadows) before Sean shot his “Wait For Me” Moby gem.  Part of this video , i.e. the shot with the traffic officer’s ballet was shot at the same intersection as “Wait For Me” , 37th & 4th at Macy’s.   In that intersection, also visualized in this  video, we look from the same corner  as in the “Wait For Me” Moby Feat Sean video, but looking toward  the corner to our left.  The Sean Feat Moby film looks to the corner on our right… Both films were shot less than a block from Pennsylvania Station, the AMTRAK station made more famous by the Glenn Miller, Tex Beneke et al  1947 song: Chattanooga Choo Choo…

See Sean’s Feat with Moby filmed at The Macy’s Intersection in New York City.

So we left New York City

on March 16, to land in Dublin at 3:50 AM, St Patrick’s day. We had to hustle to get to Waterford to be in the Waterford St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Luckily David Deegan picked us up at the airport at that ungodly hour. David, you may remember, or learn, kicked off the Blazing Horse Festival when he introduced Elder Roche to the crowd not expected to arrive, for the most part, for several hours.