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Blazing Horse Festival – Intro- Elder Roche

October 10, 2010

We are in the   “Beyond The Beyond”   part of :”Miami To New York…And Beyond”    This Multi Media Expedition Adventure has 4 parts:    1. The Prelude  ;   2. The Trip: In 2 Sections:  First Section . “Miami To New York”…A 1500 mile cruise aboard AMTRAK’s  “Silver Star”, Northbound across the face of America on its east coast, south to the mid atlantic states, ending in New York City N.Y.  March 12 to March 16 2010  ;   3.  Second Section  2 : IRELAND :The “Beyond” part of  “Miami To New York…And Beyond”.Atlantic Crossings Ireland: Waterford to The Aron Islands… March 16/17 to March 22 2010   ;   4.  Beyond The Beyond :All the news that’s fit to print after The Initial MultiMedia Expedition Adventure.  September M2NY again in Ireland to multi-media the Blazing  Horse Festival   &  Ireland’s Copper Coast.

Beyond The Beyond :  On stage at The Blazing Horse Festival :

 We barely got our tents up when the magic that is The Blazing Horse Festival begins for real. The music part of festival started before most of the campers arrived. David introduces Elder Roche to jump-start the festival…: Here is  magical music that the early birds saw & heard : Elder Roche:

Here are the next 2 performances of Elder’s…:

An guitar plying friend sent me an email commenting on Elder:

Nice video quality, too bad the end is cut off.
He reminds me of a young Dave Van Ronk – remember this one?

And here is a video I shot of the guitar playing friend :




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  1. October 11, 2010 5:36 pm

    Elder Roche is a talented entertainer. Enjoyed his singing and music very much. Loved being able to hear just his voice and music and not being overpowered by a band playing in the background. Also loved seeing the festival goers walking in the background. You guys really know how to make us feel like we’re there with you. Great job of covering the festival.

  2. Han permalink
    November 6, 2010 6:46 pm

    Now Elder Roche I can dance to, and I did-

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