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How we got to where we are. The people and things we encountered along the way.

Here’s a random Skype video call where we discuss our plans for the production and the inclusion of Poetry, Cary Grant in a Kansas crop field, South by South West or is it North by North West, Margaret knows;

Here is our first contribution of poetry from Kal and Ruth Robinson, performed over a Skype video call by Hy Mayerson;

…and here is the poem itself, thanks Kal and Ruth;
The Rhythm Of The Rails
The rumble of the wheels
that sound beneath my heels
they seem to say “Clickity Clack”
as they spin their way down the railroad track
the message that they send
is one that never seems to end
it tells of rails that carry all
thru the seasons from winter to fall.
people too seem much at ease
as the sound of wheels continue to please
when it takes them to wherever they roam
and finally brings them back to home
the sound of  the train is really neat
it creates a steady musical beat
as it pulses just beneath ones feet
to produce a comforting music like treat
travelling on a railroad car
be it in sleeper, coach or bar
makes ones trip to anywhere
like nothing else that can compare
next time you choose a destination
anywhere in this great nation
be sure the train is the way you go
because the rhythm of the rails creates a wonderful glow

Below is our latest collaborator, Almudena Verdugo from Madrid Spain, now living in Philadelphia. She loves Spicy Chicken Wings, her husband Kyle and Batman. She will be contributing video, photography and her technical expertise in all things internet. This is a poor enough quality recording of a Skype video/audio call. Do you hear a dog?

We Encountered Master Guitarist, Michael O’Brien, after this expedition began. We wondered what the band that he toured with sounded like. Cornered Music Master O’Brien countered with this little bit of charm… the artist that he is, turned to his iPhone and put a song of theirs into his laptop & hey presto Bango, this happened;

Below are recordings of 2 Skype video calls. Hy Mayerson and Michael Giorgio in America discussing the live web stream with Sean Corcoran (and Alfie and Matilda) in Ireland.

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  1. Jay Golden permalink
    February 26, 2010 4:36 pm


    Imagine yourself on stage singing with your favorite singer. How about trading one-liners with the funniest comedian of all time? Does throwing a touchdown pass to win the Super bowl strike your fancy? Would you like to dance in the ballet, win the Nobel Prize in literature or bring peace to earth? You can easily do it in your mind!

    You could say that’s not reality and a waste of time. Maybe, and maybe not. On one hand you’re correct, it isn’t really happening and daydreaming can become a disease. On the other hand, however, it’s just as real as a movie and arguably more meaningful because YOU are starring in it! Imaginative daydreaming can produce happiness that reduces stress!

    Additionally, imagination is reality in the sense that it plays a key role in the learning process. It helps provide meaning to experience and helps people make sense of the world.
    Imagination can also be expressed through stories such as fairy tales or fantasies. Most famous inventions or entertainment products were created from the inspiration of someone’s imagination.
    Hy Mayerson and Sean Corcoran are telling a story, “Miami To New York.” They are using their imaginations to create a wonderful multi-media work of film, photos, music, poetry and art.

    I am pleased to be part of this honorable endeavor.

    Jay Golden

    PS… While writing this, I imagined sinking a 30 foot putt on the 72nd hole to win the US Open. In case you are inclined to congratulate me, please don’t for two reasons. The first is that I beat my son, Jeff, by one stroke, who by the way played in the 2007 US Open at Oakmont as a 22 year old amateur (GOOGLE… enter “golfweektv the golden boys”). The second reason is that I’ve won the US Open over 100 times!

    • February 26, 2010 7:02 pm

      I smiled.
      I laughed.
      I too believe in Imagination & the power of Imagination.
      Your (Jay’s) mind whirls at the speed of a giant choo choo, choo choo-ing along the silver rails…
      The wind is in your Hair Jay…
      Need Never Look Back

    • February 26, 2010 10:58 pm

      Thank you Jay and welcome aboard…


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