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Bruce Lauer, Dance: The ImaginAIRium : The Meeting at the Meeting House

October 23, 2010


On August 28 2010 Bruce performed this original piece, It’s Amazing, for the 15-20 imaginEERs who met at The ImaginAIRium to discuss and consider how The Meeting House Law Building And Gallery would morph itself into the main physical ImaginAIRium. 

We knew of many virtual ImaginAIRiums, and several proposed, physical existing and to exist, ImaginAIRiums.  Bruce is a force in morphing The Meeting House’s Great Room into The ImagAIRium.  The Law offices remain in the recent addition to The Meeting House.

The virtual ImaginAIRiums consist initially of that space between the ears, thereafter virtual ImaginAIRiums have been depicted earlier on these pages and will soon be re-created in a nesting spot, perhaps on this page, perhaps on its own new page.

M2NY believe that more physical ImaginAIRiums are remorphing as we speak:  In Woodstock, at The White Water Depot. In Ireland, at the 5 corner intersection in Waterford;  yearly in Ireland at The Blazing Horse Festival…and


Jeannette, Dancer,  Kristian, and Tom within their collective virtual ImaginAIRiums created their physical ImaginAIRium:  A Golden Eagle Touring Bus Theater.  Dancer performed for the Meeting Founders his new song. “Midnight Coach” . Dance wrote it for “Stones And Bones”, the demo musical play for the series : The Bus.   Jeanette, Kristin and Tom added vocals and Andor & Bob added music to Dance’s performance of Midnight Coach.

Much more on all of this soon come.

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  1. dave curran ireland permalink
    October 23, 2010 5:50 pm

    hy luvly stuff,we have had music sessions like your own for twenty years this bunch of renegades play through the night we have had indian precussionists,singers of warren zevon,bruce cockburn,dylan,and the odd bit of mongolian throat singing.for my ears and heart these have been the most beautiful music i have had the pleasure of contributing,you must attend on your next together rules.

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