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Encounters along the way.

May 2, 2010

Here’s some of the people we encountered along the way. From Friends and Family to people on the train across America that we interviewed, Amtrak Officials, Police Officers, Conductors, New Yorkers, People on the Aran Islands in Ireland, People in the St.Patricks Day Parade. Oh and Starskey and Hutch, Izzie and some other Animals too. Click on any thumbnail to enlarge the image, from below this you can then click to the next or previous photograph. We are currently expanding each persons section to include videos, related information and a comments box below each so please come back and explore this post soon.


Journeys end, editing begins.

April 1, 2010

Phew, what a journey! Both Hy and I have each travelled over 10,000 miles in the two week period capturing the footage for this project. Planes, Trains, Cars and Ferries. The most intensive part was the 1500 mile train journey from Miami to New York. Over 30 hours onboard travelling through 11 states. Lights, Cameras, Action! Or maybe more appropriately Tripods, Batteries and Memory Cards.

The drama began before we even stepped onboard when a newsflash came on the TV in New Port Richie where we were staying. A Tornado! The sky opened, thunder, lightning, flash floods, we drove at speed to avoid the tornado behind us and reach Miami in one piece. More drama at the end of the train journey when a paranoid, ill informed conductor had two police officers waiting for us in New York for questioning. Although security became noticeably more prominent the further north we travelled we were on the whole treated exceptionally well by Amtrak staff and officials.

We captured some great videos, thousands of photographs, interviews with the people we encountered. Infact we have 190 Gigabytes of footage, an enormous volume of quality footage. So please be patient if your waiting to see how you look and sound. We are currently working intensely on some of the New York shoot that is being used for a music video for a song called Wait for me by Moby. We are also looking at ways of converting and managing some of the High definition recordings. Please stay tuned. In the meantime we are putting up some simple little YouTube videos to give you a flavour of things to come. Thank you to all the people we met along the way and helped to make this a not so ordinary journey.

If your new to MiamiToNewYork here’s some background. Hy Mayerson and Sean Corcoran stepped onboard an Amtrak train in Miami on the 12th of March. They travelled for 30 hours through 11 states covering a distance of over 1500 miles until it reaches New York. The entire journey was captured on camera.

Hy is an experienced videographer and Sean is an Artist who uses photography as a tool of his trade. They have created what they call Drive by Shootings of the zooming landscape and there will be a series of themed interviews with the people they encountered. With the footage they created they intend to produce a series of videos, an exhibition and maybe a short film.

They are currently collaborating with several recording artists, musicians, a songwriter, a cartoonist, an editor, a web designer and a technician. They use Skype video calls to fine tune their plans.

Hy is a well respected attorney with a practice in Spring City. He is a prolific videographer with a huge archive of video footage that he has created down through the decades. He embraces technology, is a huge music fan and has a great You Tube Channel that showcases his video work under the nom de plume RedKruzer.

Sean is an Artist based in Waterford, Ireland.  He has worked in many different media, from Stained Glass to Sculpture and was the artistic director of The Salvage Shop. Digital Art, Video and Photography are currently central to his practice.

Hy and Sean met in 2005 when Sean was exhibiting his Photo Distortions in Waterford and Hy and his wife Colleen were in Ireland on tour with singer Sean Tyrell. They have kept in touch since then and have collaborated on several videos. Over the past year Hy and Sean have been discussing the idea of creating what would be called the ImaginAIRium based in a large Meeting House on the outskirts of Philadelphia. Hy is 72 and Sean is 40 so between them they claim to have 112 years of wisdom!

The production didn’t end in New York, they travelled back to Ireland on March 17th and filmed the St. Patricks day parade from onboard the Harley Davidson float in Waterford. They continued shooting along the west coast and over to Inis Oirr, one of the Aran Islands.

Hy Mayerson, Videographer, USA.

Sean Corcoran, Artist, Ireland.

Han Tears Up Blazing Horse In The ImaginAIRIUM

November 10, 2010



Basshunter feat Moby : In The ImaginAIRium

November 9, 2010

Remixing Corcoran:

Remixing, attempting to move out of M2Ny what is rightfully I’s (The ImaginAIRium’s).

So here is the timid Sean Corcoran’s work remixed …

On Re-mixing:

Below are the concept and foundation for my remixing : the heaven reaching Creative Commons Concept: or remixed yet again:

Please excuse me for also posting this in The ImaginAIRium.


What is a Virtual ImaginAIRium ? Physical ImaginAIRium?

October 31, 2010

We begin to explain that in our sister publication, please subscribe to each, please….:

The ImaginAIRium Lives

October 30, 2010

Eric Clapton:  Live In The ImaginAIRium

How could I dance with another,
When I saw him standing there?

Proof Positive:

and see Damian Nixon’s visit to The ImaginAIRium:

Blazing Horse – El Hígado No Existe – What Fun –

October 24, 2010

Are They More Unusual or Good?

We will have to introduce you to more of their instruments. But in the meantime:

can’t you just die,

from the look in her eye?

Blazing Horse Festival : Late Night Cabaret

October 24, 2010

AND THE MUSIC KEPT ON KEEPIN ON… …turned Night into  ImaginAIRium…

Bruce Lauer, Dance: The ImaginAIRium : The Meeting at the Meeting House

October 23, 2010


On August 28 2010 Bruce performed this original piece, It’s Amazing, for the 15-20 imaginEERs who met at The ImaginAIRium to discuss and consider how The Meeting House Law Building And Gallery would morph itself into the main physical ImaginAIRium. 

We knew of many virtual ImaginAIRiums, and several proposed, physical existing and to exist, ImaginAIRiums.  Bruce is a force in morphing The Meeting House’s Great Room into The ImagAIRium.  The Law offices remain in the recent addition to The Meeting House.

The virtual ImaginAIRiums consist initially of that space between the ears, thereafter virtual ImaginAIRiums have been depicted earlier on these pages and will soon be re-created in a nesting spot, perhaps on this page, perhaps on its own new page.

M2NY believe that more physical ImaginAIRiums are remorphing as we speak:  In Woodstock, at The White Water Depot. In Ireland, at the 5 corner intersection in Waterford;  yearly in Ireland at The Blazing Horse Festival…and


Jeannette, Dancer,  Kristian, and Tom within their collective virtual ImaginAIRiums created their physical ImaginAIRium:  A Golden Eagle Touring Bus Theater.  Dancer performed for the Meeting Founders his new song. “Midnight Coach” . Dance wrote it for “Stones And Bones”, the demo musical play for the series : The Bus.   Jeanette, Kristin and Tom added vocals and Andor & Bob added music to Dance’s performance of Midnight Coach.

Much more on all of this soon come.

M2NY : Caboose Tapes : Test 3

October 19, 2010

The first test of  the Caboose Tapes was at The Happening.

The second test of The Caboose Tapes was at The Blazing Horse festival.

M2NY has used some of the footage from the Caboose tapes in North By Silver Star and in Orange Blossom Special.

This third test of The Caboose Tapes (TCT) is the first test on You Tube of TCT.

TCT came to be when AMTRAK allowed us to video out of the rear of the last car on The Silver Star. It was a special Dining Car added to the train so that the AMTRAK engineers meeting with a train manufacturer could get down to business while cruising north across the face of America. After they saw & discussed what we doing with us, they invited us to video out the rear window as America glided by… We have maybe 6 to 8 hours of Drive By Shooting of America’s east coast, north bound, Miami To New York.

Blazing Horse Festival – Interlude

October 18, 2010

The Interludes between performances were serenely majestic.  

The soundtrack is live on this video, provided by Ireland’s master sound man, David Curran.  I heard the music David was playing between performances and decided it should be captured in video.  I do not know whether he set the mood or captured it with his music. Me thinks it was a natural harmony. The voices you may hear are those of the crowd during that moment.

Everything was collaborative in this creative community’s celebration of co-operation, a most peaceful communication.

Community Spirit
This is a market free event so that means no cash, credit or lasers cards can be used during the festival. Leave the proverbial wallet at home! Bring what you think you will need to get through the weekend and possibly something extra to share with your neighbours. They will be thinking of you. Participant vending is prohibited.

Everybody’s got something to offer; whether you can play a guitar, make a mean chocolate cake or paint a face. Bring your talents. We hope that the famous Blazing Horse spirit will continue to grow based on this philosophy.

This is a family friendly event and kids of all ages are welcome. We don’t have rules but we do expect that people will consider their actions in light of the health, safety and experience of the festival community.

Responsibility for participation and contribution lies solely with the individual.

The day was Sunday, September 19 2010. It is Miranda’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Miranda

Blazing Horse Festival – Intro- Elder Roche

October 10, 2010

We are in the   “Beyond The Beyond”   part of :”Miami To New York…And Beyond”    This Multi Media Expedition Adventure has 4 parts:    1. The Prelude  ;   2. The Trip: In 2 Sections:  First Section . “Miami To New York”…A 1500 mile cruise aboard AMTRAK’s  “Silver Star”, Northbound across the face of America on its east coast, south to the mid atlantic states, ending in New York City N.Y.  March 12 to March 16 2010  ;   3.  Second Section  2 : IRELAND :The “Beyond” part of  “Miami To New York…And Beyond”.Atlantic Crossings Ireland: Waterford to The Aron Islands… March 16/17 to March 22 2010   ;   4.  Beyond The Beyond :All the news that’s fit to print after The Initial MultiMedia Expedition Adventure.  September M2NY again in Ireland to multi-media the Blazing  Horse Festival   &  Ireland’s Copper Coast.

Beyond The Beyond :  On stage at The Blazing Horse Festival :

 We barely got our tents up when the magic that is The Blazing Horse Festival begins for real. The music part of festival started before most of the campers arrived. David introduces Elder Roche to jump-start the festival…: Here is  magical music that the early birds saw & heard : Elder Roche:

Here are the next 2 performances of Elder’s…:

An guitar plying friend sent me an email commenting on Elder:

Nice video quality, too bad the end is cut off.
He reminds me of a young Dave Van Ronk – remember this one?

And here is a video I shot of the guitar playing friend :