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M2NY : Caboose Tapes : Test 3

October 19, 2010

The first test of  the Caboose Tapes was at The Happening.

The second test of The Caboose Tapes was at The Blazing Horse festival.

M2NY has used some of the footage from the Caboose tapes in North By Silver Star and in Orange Blossom Special.

This third test of The Caboose Tapes (TCT) is the first test on You Tube of TCT.

TCT came to be when AMTRAK allowed us to video out of the rear of the last car on The Silver Star. It was a special Dining Car added to the train so that the AMTRAK engineers meeting with a train manufacturer could get down to business while cruising north across the face of America. After they saw & discussed what we doing with us, they invited us to video out the rear window as America glided by… We have maybe 6 to 8 hours of Drive By Shooting of America’s east coast, north bound, Miami To New York.

Blazing Horse Festival – Interlude

October 18, 2010

The Interludes between performances were serenely majestic.  

The soundtrack is live on this video, provided by Ireland’s master sound man, David Curran.  I heard the music David was playing between performances and decided it should be captured in video.  I do not know whether he set the mood or captured it with his music. Me thinks it was a natural harmony. The voices you may hear are those of the crowd during that moment.

Everything was collaborative in this creative community’s celebration of co-operation, a most peaceful communication.

Community Spirit
This is a market free event so that means no cash, credit or lasers cards can be used during the festival. Leave the proverbial wallet at home! Bring what you think you will need to get through the weekend and possibly something extra to share with your neighbours. They will be thinking of you. Participant vending is prohibited.

Everybody’s got something to offer; whether you can play a guitar, make a mean chocolate cake or paint a face. Bring your talents. We hope that the famous Blazing Horse spirit will continue to grow based on this philosophy.

This is a family friendly event and kids of all ages are welcome. We don’t have rules but we do expect that people will consider their actions in light of the health, safety and experience of the festival community.

Responsibility for participation and contribution lies solely with the individual.

The day was Sunday, September 19 2010. It is Miranda’s birthday.

Happy Birthday Miranda

Blazing Horse Festival – Intro- Elder Roche

October 10, 2010

We are in the   “Beyond The Beyond”   part of :”Miami To New York…And Beyond”    This Multi Media Expedition Adventure has 4 parts:    1. The Prelude  ;   2. The Trip: In 2 Sections:  First Section . “Miami To New York”…A 1500 mile cruise aboard AMTRAK’s  “Silver Star”, Northbound across the face of America on its east coast, south to the mid atlantic states, ending in New York City N.Y.  March 12 to March 16 2010  ;   3.  Second Section  2 : IRELAND :The “Beyond” part of  “Miami To New York…And Beyond”.Atlantic Crossings Ireland: Waterford to The Aron Islands… March 16/17 to March 22 2010   ;   4.  Beyond The Beyond :All the news that’s fit to print after The Initial MultiMedia Expedition Adventure.  September M2NY again in Ireland to multi-media the Blazing  Horse Festival   &  Ireland’s Copper Coast.

Beyond The Beyond :  On stage at The Blazing Horse Festival :

 We barely got our tents up when the magic that is The Blazing Horse Festival begins for real. The music part of festival started before most of the campers arrived. David introduces Elder Roche to jump-start the festival…: Here is  magical music that the early birds saw & heard : Elder Roche:

Here are the next 2 performances of Elder’s…:

An guitar plying friend sent me an email commenting on Elder:

Nice video quality, too bad the end is cut off.
He reminds me of a young Dave Van Ronk – remember this one?

And here is a video I shot of the guitar playing friend :




Beyond The Beyond – Blazing Horse Festival

October 8, 2010

Return us now to yesteryear…

Back to the days of old in Ireland…where children can fly…and the hottest Irish bands play day & night…James does the Star Light Club…Ion is The ImaginAIRium…The Caboose Videos run 24 hours a day from Miami To New York, in the cave…September 2010:

Miami To New York : Mid Atlantic States … Philadelphia … And Beyond…

September 30, 2010

AMTRAK Engineers Reminisce

Part 1:

I think we are in the Baltimore yard, changing tracks or engines…can anyone help on this?.

As we approach Philadelphia and it’s magnificent 30th Street Station, Dick and Blair exchange train stories. Neat stuff.

These guys are good. I think we will add more of their stories. Stay tuned

Sean & I got off at 30th Street Station, to stop and re-load, re-charge, re-energize and have a “happening” at The Meeting House , in Spring City.  Some photos of The Happening have been posted here.

The ImaginAIRium, home of

Sean wanted to see The Meeting House Law Building and Gallery to develop plans to change The Meeting House’s Great Room into The ImiginAIRium. The new addition to The Meeting House would remain as The Mayerson Law Offices.

We stopped in historic Spring City – Royorsford  (great old train station) and Birchrunville  (George Washington obtained gun powder from the mills in Birchrunville prior to the battle in Valley Forge ) for two days, to re- everything, do the happening and then we embarked on an early bird AMTRAK to New York City – to get off at Pennsylvania Station in New York City…                                                                                                                                        A great train song :   Chattanooga Choo-Choo:  “…We leave The Pennsylvania Station, bout a quarter to four. Read a magazine, then you’re in           Baltimore; diner in a dinner, nothing could be finer, than to have your ham & eggs in Caroliner…”) See here for video of song from 1947 movie

We spent the day filming our escapade in New York City, before we departed New York, for the …And Beyond part of the adventure:    New York To Miami…And Beyond : IRELAND.

BEYOND THE BEYOND: MiamiToNewYork: Return To Ireland-Mid September 2010

September 28, 2010


September 17,18 & 19

A small initial offering:

This is a small sampling. How much of the 15 hours captured to be posted, remains a mystery…


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Tower Hotel, Waterford :  September 25 2010

To be edited and added…

Silver Star has left the building.

September 6, 2010

Disguised as Silver Star_ just left the studio. First posted on You Tube, Then on its own

It is here posted both as the low resolution You Tube format; then in a higher resolution for all the Bob Adamski fans.

As stated in the you tube promo blurb:

March 12 2010: (M2NY) started the first leg of it’s 10 day, 10,000 mile,10,000 photograph and 100 + hours of video, multi media expedition with a 1500 mile jog north on the United States’ East Coast. M2NY recorded the starting line, the southern most tip of train tracks,for North bound trains, but the end of the line for south bound trains.
You can, in this video, hear John Henry laying the tracks.You can also hear Bob Adamski laying the tracks down.
What is folk-lore or folk music? Is John Henry folk music? Is Leroy Brown folk-lore? Folk music? Is Silver Star folk-lore? Folk music? It certainly is a train song. I love train songs. Was John Henry a train song?
A train ride is the most relaxing way to travel. It is perhaps my favorite place to hang out. Talk about a room with a view…

High Resolution view: