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In the begining…

February 5, 2010

A decade + ago, Sean & I met when I was touring Ireland with Sean Tyrrell, videoing ‘The Mid Night Court”. It played Waterford & there I met Liam , Paddy, Miranda (Mrs. Sean), & Sean hisself.

Sean & Miranda were doing separate but equal Art Events for the Waterford Fringe Festival. Miranda’s Oil Paintings Show was at the Waterford Glass Art Gallery. She was the first artist to exhibit there, who was not a resident glass artist at Waterford.Sean had this incredible show locked to the significant steel fence formerly protecting the Waterford Leprosy Hospital (video dated 1785), now condos. They were part of the Fringe Festival that Liam Rellis had tied together. Of course I videoed my butt off , especially their Art Shows & The Midnight Court.
Some years later I video covered Sean Tyrrell’s classic Demolition Dan using videos from that trip to Ireland. Jamie Sims edited it or sewed it together. Demolition Dan featured some of Miranda’s & Sean’s works, distorted as all get out.

Distortion rekindled and cemented the friendship.

We have been distorted since.

Somehow I learned that Sean was going to be 40 – & decided to surprise Sean with a video. Jim Croce was long time close friend of mine. I like his son A.J.’s music as much as Jim’s music- so I decided to video cover an AJ Croce song using Sean’s art: Trouble in Mind
Jason Josephs helped me edit it.

Sean decided to get even with me & surprised me some months later with his video: Hy Mayerson. I am rarely embarrassed, but I am hound dog ugly and there it was. Andy Warhol squared. I got over it. We remain tight friends.

Here is the DEMOLITION DAN video by Hy Mayerson:

Here is the TROUBLE IN MIND video by Hy Mayerson:

Here is the HY MAYERSON video by Sean Corcoran;

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